ar or air ir ou oy cards and picture game


Are your children learning phonics through the RWI scheme?

This product is ideal to use in your continuous provision. Consisting of 6 boards (To laminate) and 6 different pages with pictures to match the initial sounds.

A great tool to see if your children can recognise the picture and match it to the set 2 sound.

Once laminated can be used over and over again.

This product includes the following sounds: ar or air ir ou oy and the following pictures:

ar = car, star, dart, sharp, cart and start

or = horn, torch, corn, north, shorts, and porch

air = hair, pair, chair, stairs, fair and eclair

ir = bird, first, skirt, girl, stir and third

ou = shout, house, mouse, cloud, mouth and flour

oy = boy, toy, joy, enjoy, destroy and annoy


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