Upper case letters and pictures


This 26 page resource is ideal to display in your classroom or outdoor area.

It consists of 26 letters of the alphabet and initial sounds for each letter except for x (end sound).

  • A = angry, acrobat, alligator, axe, apple, astronaut, ant and apple
  • B = boots, ball, boat, book, bag, bananas, balloons and bike
  • C = cat, cake, carrots, car, cow, candle, cap and camel
  • D = dog, digger, dig, dinosaur, donuts, dice, duck and dolphin
  • E = elf, exit, envelope, eggs, escalator, elephant, elbow and eleven
  • F = frog, fox, flower, fan, fingers, five, fish and feather
  • G = glasses, guinea pig, girl, gate, goat, gorilla, glue and green
  • H = horse, house, hamster, hippo, hedgehog, hand, hat, hammer and heart
  • I = insects, ink, igloo and invitation
  • J = jigsaw, jellyfish, jelly, jumper, jug, jam, jack in the box, and jet
  • K = key, kettle, kangaroo, koala, king, kiwi, kite and ketchup
  • L = lion, leg, logs, ladder, leaf, ladybird, lamp and lemon
  • M = mountain, monkey, muffin, mouse, mat, mop, map, milk, mouth, moon and magnet
  • N = net, nose, necklace, needle, nail, nine, newspaper and nest
  • O = octopus, orange, ostrich, otter, octagon, ox, office, and olive
  • P = penguin, parrot, pirate, pencil, pizza, pumpkin, pineapple, panda and pig
  • Q = queen, quilt, quiet, question mark, quill, quail, quarter and quick
  • R = rocket, rings rain, rabbit, rainbow, robin, robot, rose, red, and road
  • S = snake, sandwich, snail, sandcastle, sunglasses, socks, snowman, sausages and sun
  • T = tiger, tooth, train, tent, tree, tower, ten and turtle
  • U = umbrella, under ground, underwear, under, umpire, unhappy, upset, up
  • V = volcano, vase, van, violin, vacuum cleaner, vegetables, vet and vulture
  • W = worm, watermelon, witch, watch, web, well, wellington boots, whale and window
  • X (end sound), box, fox, ox, six, sax, t-rex, mix and fax
  • Y = yacht, yellow, yo-yo, yolk, yes, yell, yogurt and yak
  • Z = zoo, zigzag, zebra, zip, zombie, zero, zucchini and zebra crossing


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