Walking through the jungle pack


This 35 page resource is fantastic if you are learning about ‘The Jungle’.

Linked to the story ‘Walking through the jungle’ by Julie Lacome, this is a super resource to support children learning about jungle animals.

Consisting of the following:

  • Page 1-2 Children to draw what they’d see.
  • Page 3-5 Labelling an elephant (differentiated)
  • Page 6-8 Labelling a snake (differentiated)
  • Page 9-11 Labelling a tiger (differentiated)
  • Page 12-14 Labelling a lion (differentiated)
  • Page 15-17 Labelling a monkey (differentiated)
  • Page 18-20 Labelling a crocodile (differentiated)
  • Page 21-26 Sequence story (differentiated)
  • Page 27-28 Word mat
  • Page 29-30 What can they see in the jungle? (Writing)
  • Page 31-35 Jungle animal cards


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